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Bespoke Bids offers on-site or remote support in:

  • Bid Management
  • Bid Qualification, Assessment and Planning
  • Solution Mapping
  • PQQ completion
  • Strategy Development
  • Bid Writing/Editorial
  • Maturity Reviews
  • Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Secondment
  • Rapid Response
  • Get Ready Bid

Bid Process, Qualification and Planning

Bid Compass – Reducing the stress, effort and cost of competitive bidding

Organisations are clearly wasting time, money and resources on opportunities they have little, if any, chance of winning. Bespoke Bids has teamed with BidCompass to provide specific solutions for their Customers.

BidCompass is a web-based bid qualification, planning and analysis tool focused on improving bid win ratios and profitability. With real-time analysis of the unique competitive position of each opportunity and detailed advice and guidance on how to maximise win chance. Please visit for more information.

A brief introduction is provided on the video link.

Your company could benefit from an interactive Bid Qualification session prior to committing hard earned resource on a competitive tender. Contact us for more details on this service.

Outsource the Bid!

Opportunities slipping by? It’s a common problem in the world of bidding; the team is fully focused on a number of opportunities when another potential win appears on your desk. Our outsource solution can provide you with the capacity you need!
After a thorough Qualification session we will document and agree a Bid Plan whereby we can take control of the whole or parts of the Bid, working on-site or remotely. Get in touch with us if you wish to pursue this option.

Get Bid Ready

Bespoke Bids is delighted to deliver a package aimed at bringing affordable and proven bid and tender management support to the Start-up and SME communities – ‘Get Bid Ready’.

  • Do you want to maximise your bid and tender budget?
  • Do you want to increase your bid Win Ratio?
  • Is bidding and tendering an addition to your normal duties?
  • Do you have insufficient resource to focus fully on your bids and tenders?
  • Are you unsure of best practice bidding and tendering?

If you answer yes to any of the above the Bespoke Bids “Get Bid Ready” service will tangibly enhance your bid and tender output!

The service will be tailored to your business and include:

  • Opportunity Identification support;
  • One day consultancy to develop specific Win Themes, USPs, Differentiators, Strategy etc. and production of a tailored Bid Plan;
  • One day bid writing/editorial to develop concise, coherent, consistent and compelling bid and tender text;
  • Off the shelf version of BidCompass bid qualification and planning tool;
  • A substantial discount on any ongoing support you might require.

Organisations worldwide are spending billions on tenders which they have no chance of winning. Remember there is usually only one winner – make sure it’s you!

Rapid Response Bid Writing/Editorial

Even with the best laid plans and resources available your bid may not progress to the standards you expect. For example the content may well have been assembled but is still relatively disjointed and immature.We believe technical knowledge and expertise is usually evident with our clients, but when the whole is pulled together it can appear disjointed, inconsistent and more of a report than a compelling tender proposal. Bespoke Bids uses the “four c” approach to ensure your submissions is:

  • Concise: To the point, direct and jargon free.
  • Coherent: No typographical errors, cross references match etc.
  • Consistent: The submission will be focused and delivered with one voice and not read as if prepared by a committee.
  • Compelling: We want to make the evaluators remember your proposal. We ensure the hooks are in place that will keep their attention! Rather than a technical report the proposal will sell your company, your solution, your Unique Selling Points and differentiators.

We offer this service on-site or remotely, overnight or weekends, to ensure you have the best possible proposal for Submission on time.

We strongly recommend using this service prior to a Red Team review to ensure senior experienced reviewers can focus on the real issues rather than grammatical, typographical errors and inconsistencies.

A significant value add at this point is where we deploy a Sector Expert to review your strategy is sound and a prolific and proven bid editor to really ensure your bid is compelling. All for the price you would pay for a hit and miss agency bid manager. This is our highly successful Best of Breed approach!

Rapid Response Bid Review

Again, this service can be undertaken on-site or remotely, overnight or at weekends.This review will ensure your offer is answering all the questions posed by your client. That your win strategy has been fully articulated within your offering. Your USPs and KPIs are absolutely evident. We will address this review impartially and from the customer’s perspective.

International Bidding and Tendering

Our industry is now truly global with many cross national tenders being submitted. BBL has in place a cadre of the finest bid professionals worldwide. Our people can work individually or as part of a multi-national team. Clearly they ensure that the best possible technical and commercial submission is put forward. Furthermore they ensure that in-country legal and cultural issues are fully addressed. Our worldwide presence and contacts can also support organisations where partners are sought to bid in collaboration.

Funding Opportunities – Calls for Proposals

Do you have a product, service or technology that might be of interest to Government? Or do you have an innovative idea that could be developed to support the achievement of National or International Policies or Objectives? Globally, Development Banks, Governments and other Agencies offer a vast array of funding opportunities. But engaging successfully with them can be daunting and time-consuming, especially for SMEs. At Bespoke Bids, we have considerable experience of working with these bodies giving us the insight, knowledge and contacts to facilitate your involvement and support your responses to Calls For Proposals.